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 Kitchen Models / Designs  

Chestnut Point Estates & Marina Kitchen's are built with standard features and accommodations that make it safe, flexible and accessible.

A contrasting color palette and the right floor plan will take any kitchen to a new level.

A well-designed island offers a place for people to congregate while at the same time separating those who are cooking and cleaning from those who are just hanging out.

Kitchen Islands:

One of the most requested items in a kitchen design is a kitchen island.The demands placed upon kitchen space make the addition of an island an important, almost necessary element, thanks to the flexibility in what the island can be and contain.

First, islands work. Because they can be accessed from all sides like the old kitchen table, they're ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks.

Second, these freestanding pieces instantly become the focal point of a kitchen because they can have the look and feel of furniture rather than components in a domestic laboratory.

Third, islands help kitchens adjust to some of the big changes in American life in the past few decades. In 1950s kitchen, all the appliances and cabinets were tacked to the walls of a closed-in room. Today's kitchens are not only open to other rooms but they also have to accommodate multiple people cooking and even party guests. 


Eat-In Kitchens:

The formal, separate dining room has passed in and out of vogue over the decades, but the option of eating in the kitchen has always held appeal. The informal, efficient design of an eat-in kitchen is ideal for today's casual, fast-paced lifestyle. At the same time, today's tastes are distinctly more luxurious than they were a couple of decades ago. 

  • For large kitchens, or those that feature a natural alcove, dining tables that seat anywhere from 4+ people are a good option. You can have fun picking out chairs that complement your own personal taste, from heirloom traditional to classic modern glass-and-metal. Another option you may consider is having a table made of the same material as your cabinets or countertops. In keeping with the informal nature of kitchen dining, consider small armchairs all around, not just at the head and foot of the table. 

  • A round table is a friendly choice and is safer for a smaller space. In the dining area of your kitchen, away from the stove, you can define a welcoming space with more elaborate curtains or draperies than you would use at a window in the work area. For continuity's sake, match or coordinate your eating-area window treatments with those in the work area. Coordinate window treatments and tabletop textile colors with seating cushions for an inviting, total look.

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