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 Master Bathrooms 

Chestnut Point Estates & Marina Master Bath floor plans can create an atmosphere of personal indulgence, which used to be the domain of day spas, now you can find that feeling with most of our master bath layouts. Limited only by your imagination our standard master baths can be turned into your own customized retreat. For Master Baths, no material is too luxurious or too unusual depends on the individuals. The good news is luxury can be incorporated into any of our floorplan designs.


Create a Relaxing Environment

After a long day of dealing with stress at work, you want a place where you can get away from it all. Adding a comfortable chair gives your bathroom a luxurious touch. Being able to take a break and sit down after a relaxing bath is nice.


Use soft natural colors in your bathroom so it helps create a calming environment. And, if you use a neutral color overall, you can add bright accessories, such as towels, curtains, vases to liven up the room without clashing with existing decor.

Consider replacing light fixtures to allow the option of having softer light for those relaxing evenings in the tub as well as brighter light for getting ready in the morning.

Fill the room with scented candles, plants, flowers and art. All of these extras help beautify your bathroom.

In the past, bathrooms were made small and cramped, and were not considered a place you’d spend much time in. Now, with our masterbath spaces we have designed to accommodate all the offerings available for peace and quiet.

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